Nearly 2,000 Acme Markets Meat Workers Win Better Wages and Conditions in New Contract – 5/13/2024

The 2024 Acme Markets "Meat" Negotiating Committee

On Monday, May 13th, 2024, nearly 2,000 UFCW Local 152 members working in the meat, seafood, deli, and some bakery departments at Acme Markets in southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware came together to ratify a new union contract!


Historically, one of the best contractual benefits for Acme Markets Local 152 members has been high-quality healthcare with absolutely no out-of-pocket cost-sharing.

Our steadfast negotiating committee was determined to preserve this great benefit for our members. Although it was not easy, through hard bargaining the committee was successful, and our members will continue to pay nothing for health benefits! Congratulations!

On top of that, all year-round members – including top-of-scale workers – will receive an immediate across-the-board wage increase, annual raises for the life of the four-year agreement, and a “lump sum” bonus. Department Heads will receive additional increases, and night shift workers will now receive a boosted $3.00/hour differential. The agreement also updates the progression scale to more competitive wages.

A member voting at the Acme Market "Meat" Ratification, 5/13/2024

A member voting at the Acme Market “Meat” Ratification on May 13, 2024.

Change for the Better

Workers at Acme Markets traditionally had to use their vacation time in weekly increments. With the implementation of the new contract, members may request all time off in single-day increments, allowing our members to distribute their vacation days more conveniently. All employees can now carry over one week of vacation to the following year.

Because we believe great Shop Stewards exist regardless of work classification, the new contract now allows part-time members to hold the title of Shop Steward. The negotiating committee secured more paid training and education time for all stewards.

Acme Markets “meat” members now have the opportunity to participate in the voluntary supplemental benefits offered by the local’s preferred benefits provider, including life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, and more. Additionally, Acme Markets has agreed to maintain members’ monthly contribution rates to the UFCW Local 152 Savings Fund.

Finally, formal language was added to the contract for extenuating circumstances such as pandemics and dangerous emergencies. This language gives the union an open door to have discussions with Acme Markets in the event of these emergencies to discuss safety issues, hazard pay, and more.

"Bootsy" the dog came to the ratification vote!

“Bootsy” the dog came to the ratification vote!


Congratulations to our members on this monumental victory! It could not have been accomplished without the perseverance of our negotiating committee. This included President Daniel Ross, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer Dan Konczyk, Recorder/Executive Vice President Lisa Sanders, Executive Assistant to the President Danette Montes-Palmore, Union Representatives Cary Lawson, Tom Hartle, and Ed Fuller, as well as UFCW Local 152 members Marian Brennan, Stacey Cottrell, Lois Crudele, Ryan Dilts, Donald Dixon, Elyse Haas, David Harper, Annamarie Henigan, Nicole Henry, Raymond Kenney, William Kreidler, Shannon McCormick, Joseph McNulty, Donna Oakes, Paul Rennie, Stephen Rinaldi, Jason Staples, and Robert West.

UFCW Local 152 proudly represents nearly 2,000 members in the Acme Markets “meat” contract, which, despite its name, includes members in the meat, seafood, and deli departments, as well as some bakery departments. These members work in southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware and play pivotal roles in serving the people in their communities.

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