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UFCW Local 152 Executive Board

The governing body of Local 152 is its Executive Board. The board is comprised of elected members who meet quarterly at the union office.  The President and Secretary Treasurer serve as the Chair and Co-Chair, and members of the staff and membership from the different represented facilities make up the remainder of the Board. The Executive Board oversees the function of the Local and approves financial expenditures.

Executive Board Officers

Brian String, President
Daniel Konczyk, Secretary-Treasurer
Lisa Sanders, Recorder

Executive Board Vice Presidents

Dana Belton, The Shores
Michael G. Benson, Melitta
Dawn Bertino, Acme Markets
Jauzell Dozier, Bottino’s ShopRite
Jose E. Echevarria, UFCW Local 152
Peter G. Evangelidis, Brown’s ShopRite
Marc Gardener, Acme Markets
Harry Gibbs, J & J Snack Foods
Thomas Hartle, UFCW Local 152
Annamarie Henigan, Acme Markets

Margaret “Peggy” Kelly, UFCW Local 152
Cary Lawson, UFCW Local 152
Danette Montes-Palmore, UFCW Local 152
John S. Puesi, Village ShopRite
Stephen Rinaldi, Acme Markets
Daniel Ross Jr, UFCW Local 152
Michael Thompson, UFCW Local 152
Roy J. Washel, Puratos Corporation
Patricia Wagner, Village ShopRite
Eugene Zebrowski, Acme Markets