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Daniel Konczyk

Daniel Konczyk


Dan’s union journey began at a very young age. Growing up in a union family, he learned union values from his mother, Ann, who worked at Acme Markets, and his father, Bernie, the Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 676 in Collingswood, NJ.

“We were always a union household. My dad would always tell us we had to get a union job because of the wages and pension. We even had to go by seniority when we sat in the car. Being the youngest of five, I didn’t get in the front seat much.”

At age 15, he started at Acme Markets as a bagger before becoming a cashier and later joining the night crew. He worked at several Acme locations throughout Cape May County until 1998, when he was approached by his union because he was such an active and engaged member and for his experience as a shop steward. He became a union representative for UFCW Local 1358 and eventually the Secretary-Treasurer.

As a business agent, his motto was “People make mistakes — if they didn’t, they wouldn’t put erasers on pencils.” He tried to communicate that philosophy to management when members faced disciplinary action.

When Local 1358 merged to create Local 152 in 2006, Dan took on the role of Executive Assistant to the President. In 2022, Dan Konczyk became the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 152.

Alongside organizing, Dan’s focus as Secretary-Treasurer is on improving contracts for existing members, in addition to increasing communication through the newsletter, social media, and membership meetings.


Any correspondence should be directed to the Executive Office, specifically to Denise Ortiz.

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