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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We welcome questions! Whether you are new to unionism or simply have a question you can’t find the answer to, UFCW Local 152 is more than happy to help. On this page, you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), but we recommend you talking with your Union Representative if you have any further questions you’d like answered.

What is my contract?

As an employee of a union facility, you have a contract between UFCW Local 152 and your employer. This contract has created clear language of what you can expect in regards to wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Without this union contract, you would be considered an “at-will” employee, which would mean your job literally would be at the will of your employer. Without this contract, they could change your hours, wages, and benefits at any time, for any reason, and you would have no say. This is why unions are a powerful, necessary tool for the working class.

Every contract is different, and it is your responsibility as the union member to understand and take advantage of the various benefits UFCW Local 152 has negotiated for you. If you need a copy of your contract, you can request a copy on our Request Your Contract page, or contact your facility’s Shop Steward or your Union Representative.



Who is my Union Representative, and how do I contact him or her?

You can find out who your Union Representative is by using our Find Your Representative page. Once you determine who your Representative is, click on their name for their cell phone number or office extension. You can always call the UFCW Local 152 office at 888-564-6152 to determine your Representative, too.



How do I get more involved with UFCW Local 152?

We are so happy you asked! You can start by attending the General Membership Meetings held periodically throughout the year. Next, we suggest opting in to become a Volunteer. Volunteers are sometimes needed at rallies or other events. We post frequently about updates on our Facebook page, so please follow us to stay up-to-date.



What is a Shop Steward?

A Shop Steward is a fellow union member at your workplace who has been appointed or elected to act as a link between you and UFCW Local 152 and you and your employer.

Your Shop Steward is trained to know your contract well, and understands the correct discipline procedures, including filing grievances. Additionally, you can also depend on your Shop Steward to know about things happening at UFCW Local 152, like members-only benefits, contract negotiations, and other activities.



How much are my union dues?

The exact price of your union dues varies depending on your field of work and rate of pay. That being said, your weekly dues are a tremendous value considering the guaranteed benefits associated with your contract, including the protection you receive by no longer being an “at-will” employee.



What don’t my union dues pay for?

It is illegal for union dues to be used as contributions to federal political campaigns and the private benefit of any union employee.



What is a “grievance”?

A grievance is a formal complaint made by an employee towards their employer. There are many reasons why an employee may file a grievance, and your contract should explain this more in depth. Grievances follow a procedure and is designed to resolve a potential violation of the contract.

Grievances are designed to enforce the union contract, formally settle workplace issues, and give members an opportunity to not only voice their complaints, but tell their side of the story if they feel their employers and management are treating them unfairly.



I have a question about my medical benefits.

Please contact the Health and Welfare office.