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President Brian String talking with a member at Village Supermarkets

What Unions Do

Unions begin with YOU.

When working people come together, they make things better for everyone. Joining together in a union enables workers to negotiate for higher wages and benefits and improve conditions in the workplace. There are millions of union members in America from all walks of life. These individuals know that by speaking up together, you can accomplish more than you could on your own. Furthermore, the freedom to join a union is recognized internationally as a fundamental human right, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Better Benefits

Better Living

Union workers typically have better benefits and more consistent schedules that allow them to have better control of their lives. Safe and just workplaces are what is possible when we all stand together.

  • Union Workers earn a median of 25% more than non-union employees25%

Better Wages

Union workers earn higher wages and get more benefits than workers who don’t have a union.

The average union worker makes a median salary 25% higher than a non-union employee doing the same work. Unions also help to remedy discrimination in the workplace. This salary margin is even higher for African Americans and women, who earn 30% higher, and still higher for Latinos who earn nearly 45% more than their non-union counterparts.

A VOICE in the workplace.

A Voice

Workers need a voice in the workplace for two reasons. First, as the worker, they deserve a chance to have a say in decisions that affect the quality of products they make and services they deliver. Secondly, they deserve a way to counter-balance the power of their employer. Unions allow workers to have that voice through negotiation of a fair contract.

This all sounds great, but I have some questions.

If the union wins, are we guaranteed that we will retain everything we presently have?

YOU are the union; would you negotiate a contract that contains lower wages and benefits? No way! Under federal law, you cannot lose any benefits you presently have for organizing with UFCW Local 152. You negotiate your contract with a professional from the local union.

Can I lose what I presently have without a union contract?

YES! Under state law you are an employee at will. Your employer can change the terms and conditions of your employment at any time, through the sole discretion of management. There is no safety without a binding union contract.

What about dues?

You will not pay dues until you and your coworkers vote to accept your union contract. After that, your union dues will only be $9.00 per week – a small price to pay when you consider the countless benefits of joining the union.

What about initiation fees?

If you are presently employed at the facility, you will NOT pay an initiation fee. Only those hired after the signing of the contract will pay this fee.


Without a union, employers have 100% control over employees and complete authority to make ALL decisions. Through unions, employees take some of this control to make their workplace better. A union’s main goal is to give workers a voice on the job for respect, safety, security, better pay and benefits, and other improvements to working conditions.

Joining together with UFCW Local 152
will not only lead to better lives for you and your coworkers,
but will help to build a better America, now and for future generations.

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