Members at Aunt Kitty’s Foods Ratify New Union Contract – 11/13/2021

Members at the contract ratification for Aunt Kitty's Foods, 11/13/2021.


Votes being counted at the Aunt Kitty's Foods ratification meeting on 11/13/2021.On Saturday, November 13th, UFCW Local 152 members at Aunt Kitty’s Foods in Vineland, New Jersey came together to ratify a new union contract!

With the new three-year agreement, members will receive the largest across-the-board wage increases than they have ever received in recent years. Additionally, it protects the existing affordable healthcare with a very minimal increase to the employee cost share. As the price of health benefits continues to rise, this is a great win for our members!

Aunt Kitty’s members will now have the opportunity to opt-in to receive voluntary supplemental benefits offered by the Local. Furthermore, they can now choose to make weekly contributions to the Bryan D. Ross Foundation, UFCW Local 152’s charity organization that directly assists members suffering from financial hardship due to catastrophic illness or injury. Finally, new language was established to comply with the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave Law. Many members will receive two additional paid days off so all members are treated equally in this respect.

Congratulations to our members and the Negotiating Committee, which included Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining Lisa Sanders, Union Representative Greg Torian, Chief Shop Steward Benny Lopez, and Shop Steward Joe Barnes. Great job by all!

UFCW Local 152 represents more than seventy workers at Aunt Kitty’s Foods, a Hanover Foods brand. Our members work in production and produce chilis and soup products for large companies in the eastern United States.