More Than 700 Workers at J & J Snack Foods Stand Together and Ratify New Union Contract – 12/01/2022

The 2022 J & J Snack Foods Negotiating Committee.


On Thursday, December 1st, more than 700 workers at J & J Snack Foods in New Jersey ratified a new union contract! Congratulations on this monumental win!

A Strong New Contract

The new contract provides many new benefits for our members over the term. First, all members received immediate across-the-board wage increases and will receive increases annually for the duration of the contract. Shift differentials for the second shift, third shift, and safety committee more than doubled. Members at J & J Snack Foods will accrue vacation weeks faster than ever.

A member voting at the 12/01/22 meeting at J & J Snack Foods.

A member voting at the 12/01/22 meeting at J & J Snack Foods.

Members will now receive more uniforms per year and will be provided with reimbursement for footwear.

The contract now allows up to thirty minutes for union orientation to allow representatives to meet with new hires to introduce them to UFCW Local 152. Many workers have never worked in a union position before, so this time is very important to teach new members “the union difference,” including the benefits of their union contract at J & J Snack Foods and discounts and benefits available to them as a union member.

Finally, language was introduced to comply with the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave law, detailing how members can use their newly-negotiated sick time.

Congratulations to our members on this monumental win! We would also like to spotlight our Negotiating Committee: Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining Lisa Sanders, Union Representative Jose Echevarria, and Shop Stewards Damon Cooper, Bernie Franklin, Warde Jackson, Terry Jones, Merinda Jordan, Benjamin Smith, and Quiana Ventura Rentas. Thank you for your hard work.

UFCW Local 152 proudly represents more than seven hundred workers at J & J Snack Foods in New Jersey. J & J Snack Foods produces iconic snack foods like SuperPretzel, Luigi’s Italian Ice, and ICEE.


Below are some of our members who attended the ratification meeting on December 1, 2022.