Members at Sysco in Philadelphia Ratify New Union Contract – 12/11/2021

Rondell Vaughn and Shop Steward Steve Waszen at the Sysco ratification on 12/11/2021.


Many Sysco members attended the ratification.

Many Sysco members attended the ratification.

On Saturday, December 11th, nearly thirty UFCW Local 152 members at Sysco in Philadelphia, PA ratified a new union contract!

With the newly ratified agreement, all members will receive an immediate, substantial wage increase. Additionally, the hardworking members at Sysco will continue to receive significant pay increases each year for the duration of the four-year contract.

Members will now have the opportunity to opt-in to contribute to the Bryan D. Ross Foundation, UFCW Local 152’s charity organization that directly assists Local 152 members suffering from financial hardship due to catastrophic illness or injury.

Shop Stewards will now receive pay when attending Local 152 Shop Steward Seminars or other union-related meetings, and will have designated time at the end of their shift to attend grievance meetings and handle other union matters. Whether on the clock or not, our Shop Stewards work very hard for our members so we consider this a great win!

Congratulations to our members and the Negotiating Committee, which consisted of Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Union Representative Greg Torian, Union Representative Tom Hartle, Shop Steward Steve Waszen, and Rondell Vaughn.

UFCW Local 152 represents nearly thirty members at Sysco Philadelphia. They work as delivery drivers, safely delivering products for Sysco, a “global leader in selling, marketing, and distributing food and non-food products to customers around the world,” according to the company website.