COVID-19 Message from President String

President Brian String addressing a crowd.


Updated May 14: Today, President String has extended his commitment to your health benefits through June 30.


Dear Valued Member,

The country now knows what I’ve known for over 35 years, you guys are the true heroes. You have been there every day without regard to your own health serving panic-stricken customers. You continue to prove to the world the essential role our union members play in such a hectic time.

The union’s collective push to have your employers recognize your heroic efforts is starting to be rewarded.

Increased sick days, hazard pay above your hourly rates, suspension of discipline language — these are the things we have been pushing for since the onset of this pandemic. Have no doubt, your union will continue to push for more as this continues.

As Chairman of the Health and Welfare Funds, I passed a motion with the employers to not have anyone’s health benefits shut off for the duration of this national emergency. No one should have to worry about the state of their benefits during such a critical time. Additionally, the UFCW Local 152 office has mobilized to make sure your calls go directly to your business agents.

We will continue to push for your safety and well-being during these difficult times.

Again, thank you for being the heroes you are. I could not be prouder to represent each and every one of you.

Solidarity Forever,
President Brian String


Note: We encourage our members to visit the Coronavirus megapost for the most up-to-date information.