COVID-19 Emergency Child Care Information (NJ)

A child playing on a playground.

New Jersey has launched an Emergency Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP) to help support child care costs when a parent/guardian is an essential employee. If you are an essential employee needing child care, you must register with the county-based Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agencies. Your CCR&R will follow-up with you within two business days to gather additional information about you and your needs and help you identify a child care provider.

Who is considered “essential” for Emergency Child Care Assistance?

  • Health care workers, including staff working in health care facilities and in community-based services including home health and behavioral health;
  • Certain critical workers, as defined by the Commissioner of DCF, at essential retail businesses, as defined in Executive Order No. 107 (2020) and subsequent Administrative Orders, which includes, for example, grocery store and gas station employees.

How much will child care cost?

It depends on your annual income, and you can learn more on the official website. Generally, the state will pay the following and you will be responsible for the difference. For one child the state will pay:

INFANT $450.35
TODDLER $415.70
SCHOOL-AGE $336.00

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Please review our official COVID-19 page for more details concerning the coronavirus.