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Retail Stores Representatives

Scroll down to find your Union Representative. Please keep in mind that each company is sorted by store number.

Acme Markets logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
114Germantown AveTom Hartle
147Red Lion RdTom Hartle
192PaoliEd Fuller
294VentnorCary Lawson
299Cottman AveTom Hartle
613Penn ValleyTom Hartle
664MedfordJoe Stathius
703EagleEd Fuller
721PhoenixvilleEd Fuller
726Reed / PassyunkTom Hartle
731Ridge AveTom Hartle
769JenkintownTom Hartle
773ManoaEd Fuller
776ManahawkinCary Lawson
778RichboroTom Hartle
779Cornwell HeightsTom Hartle
787Oxford AveTom Hartle
806NewarkEd Fuller
808WilmingtonEd Fuller
809MediaEd Fuller
813Naamans RdEd Fuller
817BearEd Fuller
821WildwoodCary Lawson
826Pike CreekEd Fuller
828HockessinEd Fuller
831Somers PointCary Lawson
833VinelandCary Lawson
845Cape MayCary Lawson
852Mays LandingCary Lawson
859CMCH AvalonCary Lawson
871OglestontownEd Fuller
872Prices CornerEd Fuller
874FairfaxEd Fuller
882West ChesterEd Fuller
890CMCHCary Lawson
893Ridley TwpEd Fuller
943SwedesboroCary Lawson
992VoorheesJoe Stathius
996Sea IsleCary Lawson
1725Penny PackTom Hartle
1770MacDadeEd Fuller
1908Browns MillsJoe Stathius
1910Maple ShadeJoe Stathius
1945HaddonfieldJoe Stathius
26385th & PineTom Hartle
2649Ocean CityCary Lawson
266810th & SouthTom Hartle
2680Newark / College SqEd Fuller
2682KirkwoodEd Fuller
2693Upper ChichesterEd Fuller
2704HarbesonTom Hartle
2762RoxboroughTom Hartle
2774HorshamTom Hartle
2789Upper DarbyTom Hartle
2831Wilmington / MarshEd Fuller
2833Crittenden AveTom Hartle
2838North WildwoodCary Lawson
2845GladwynneTom Hartle
2855N. Cape MayCary Lawson
2876Granite Run MallEd Fuller
2914YardvilleJoe Stathius
2925ClaytonCary Lawson
2931AudubonJoe Stathius
2956SicklervilleJoe Stathius
2974WestmontJoe Stathius
2977LevittownTom Hartle
2982Mount HollyJoe Stathius
2995PennsvilleCary Lawson
2998RunnemedeJoe Stathius
3711Bala CynwydTom Hartle
3719BensalemTom Hartle
3722DresherTom Hartle
3739FeastervilleTom Hartle
3742Red Lion PlazaTom Hartle
3753DevonEd Fuller
3767DowningtonEd Fuller
3784DoylestownTom Hartle
3786Newtown SqEd Fuller
3788Bryn MawrTom Hartle
3796Clifton HeightsEd Fuller
3798BroomallEd Fuller
3824Ocean CityCary Lawson
3835SeavilleCary Lawson
3858TuckertonCary Lawson
3919Hamilton SqJoe Stathius
3920PilesgroveCary Lawson
3921BarnegatCary Lawson
3961BordentownJoe Stathius
3963Maple ShadeJoe Stathius
3970WoodburyJoe Stathius
3993Beach HavenCary Lawson
3994SewellJoe Stathius
3997BrigantineCary Lawson
471519th & OregonTom Hartle
4723FlourtownTom Hartle
4727TrooperEd Fuller
4913NewtownTom Hartle
4926WillingboroJoe Stathius
4979TrentonTom Hartle
C-Town Supermarkets logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
BridgetonJose Echevarria
The Fresh Grocer logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
43256th & ChestnutEd Fuller
43869th Street / Upper DarbyEd Fuller
George's Market logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
DresherTom Hartle
Incollingo's logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
3537Egg HarborTom Hartle
53Penns Grove Tom Hartle
Murphy's Markets logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
9024Medford LakesEdna Inge
9048PinesEdna Inge
9078Beach HavenEdna Inge
Roebling Town Market logo


Store #LocationUnion Rep
RoeblingEdna Inge


Ammons ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
546Mullica HillEdna Inge

Bottino’s ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
502MillvilleCarmine DelVicario
512LandisCarmine DelVicario
526Upper DeerfieldCarmine DelVicario
615Washington TwpCarmine DelVicario

Brown’s ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
415WyncoteNelson Albano
420Oregon AveNelson Albano
423Island AveNelson Albano
424East NorritonNelson Albano
426CheltenhamNelson Albano
427Fairless HillsNelson Albano
428BensalemNelson Albano
456Monument RdNelson Albano
471BrooklawnNelson Albano
519RoxboroughNelson Albano

Burns Family Supermarkets

Store #LocationUnion Rep
431DrexelineEd Fuller
452BrookhavenEd Fuller

Colligas Family Markets

Store #LocationUnion Rep
411Oregon AveTom Hartle

Collins ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
402Oxford AveNelson Albano
413EddystoneNelson Albano
454GlenoldenNelson Albano
537Olney AveNelson Albano

Delaware Supermarkets

Store #LocationUnion Rep
538StantonNelson Albano
558ConcordNelson Albano
580NewarkNelson Albano
590GlasgowNelson Albano

Eickhoff ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
515Ark RdEdna Inge
516HainesportEdna Inge
517DelranEdna Inge
518CinnaminsonEdna Inge
579Burlington TwpEdna Inge

KTM Supermarkets

Store #LocationUnion Rep
596West ChesterNelson Albano

Perlmart ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
649ManahawkinMike Thompson
655Lanoka HarborMike Thompson
663BayvilleMike Thompson
665WaretownMike Thompson

R & R ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
597PhiladelphiaNelson Albano

Saker ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
500Medford LakesEdna Inge
514PinesEdna Inge
521Beach HavenEdna Inge
533Pennington Edna Inge
566Hamilton Square Edna Inge
572Bordentown Edna Inge

Supermarkets of Cherry Hill / Ravitz

Store #LocationUnion Rep
523MarltonEdna Inge
525Mount LaurelEdna Inge
529EveshamEdna Inge
570Racetrack Edna Inge
594Mount Laurel Edna Inge

Village ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
550Landis-VinelandCarmine DelVicario
600GallowayCarmine DelVicario
601English CreekCarmine DelVicario
603MarmoraCarmine DelVicario
612Somers Point Carmine DelVicario
633Absecon Carmine DelVicario
642Hammonton Carmine DelVicario
643Rio Grande Carmine DelVicario

Zallie’s ShopRite

Store #LocationUnion Rep
462Knorr StNelson Albano
504WilliamstownCarmine DelVicario
507Laurel SpringsCarmine DelVicario
508WinslowCarmine DelVicario
530Gibbstown Carmine DelVicario
531West Berlin Carmine DelVicario
534Lawnside Carmine DelVicario
539Laurel Carmine DelVicario
540Medford Carmine DelVicario
554Glassboro Carmine DelVicario
651West Deptford Carmine DelVicario