Workers at The Botanist in Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City Join UFCW Local 152

The Botanist storefronts in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township, NJ


In early January 2022, more than sixty workers at two locations of The Botanist, medical marijuana dispensaries in Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City, New Jersey, reached out to UFCW Local 152 to learn how UFCW can help make a change at their facility. Between the two sites, these workers do everything from seed to sale.


Labor in the Cannabis Industry

For more than a decade, UFCW has been helping cannabis workers across the nation get the fair treatment they deserve. Our union represents tens of thousands of workers in dispensaries, labs, grow facilities, and more, and in doing so UFCW is helping to set the standard for the emerging cannabis industry.

In order to comply with the Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) application process in New Jersey, all medical cannabis companies that intend to convert to adult recreational facilities needed to sign what’s known as a Labor Peace Agreement (LPA) with a bona fide labor union. An LPA is an agreement between an employer and a union, in which the employer agrees to stay neutral, meaning they will not oppose the unionization of their facility or the union attempting to organize the workforce.

Labor Peace Agreements create a clear path for workers to organize because employers are signing a contract stating they will not interfere with workers wanting to unionize — and will not participate in union-busting!


Local 152’s First Cannabis Facility

Acreage Holdings, owner of The Botanist, signed a Labor Peace Agreement with UFCW. The workers in Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City chose to invoke the LPA to improve their lives and fight for their voices to be heard.

“We are proud to welcome workers from The Botanist as our first Local 152 members in the cannabis industry,” UFCW Local 152 President Brian String said.

“For more than a decade, we have been at the forefront of educating the decision-makers in our state about the extraordinary potential of the cannabis industry — not only for tax revenue but also for the opportunity of these workers to have steady union jobs with good wages and benefits.

“This new partnership is a win for all involved,” he continued. “These workers will be able to decide on the terms of their employment and The Botanist will maintain a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. As a union, we look forward to introducing these new members to the power of a union contract.”

From here, UFCW Local 152 will help these workers negotiate their first union contract.

Congratulations to these workers, and especially the workers at The Botanist who were on the Organizing Committee. You all worked very hard to get to this point and should be proud of this monumental accomplishment! Finally, congratulations to Director of Organizing Mike Thompson for helping these members walk through the process of organizing.


Why not you?

Are you interested in learning more about how UFCW Local 152 can help you and your coworkers? Are you in the cannabis industry and want to learn more about LPAs at your facility? Fill out the Union Interest Form or email mthompson@ufcwlocal152.org today.