Workers at George’s Market at Dreshertown Unanimously Ratify New Union Contract – 4/25/2022

Shop Steward Alan Izes and Joe Stathius at the George's Market ratification meeting on 4/25/22.


On Monday, April 25th, nearly twenty workers at George’s Market at Dreshertown in Dresher, Pennsylvania stood together to unanimously ratify a new union contract!

The five-year agreement maintains many great benefits, such as their 100% employer-paid health and welfare benefits and pension contributions. It also improves the wage progression scale and provides across-the-board increases for members already at the top of their pay scale. Additionally, some members will also receive significant retroactive increases.

Union Representatives will also have a designated opportunity to meet with new members to introduce them to UFCW Local 152. Since many new members have never worked in a union position before, it’s important for representatives to have the opportunity to teach workers about the union difference! What does a union contract mean? What are the Weingarten Rights? What benefits do union members receive? These are all questions Union Representatives will now have the opportunity to answer one-on-one with new members.

Congratulations to our members, and those who were part of the Negotiating Committee: Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Director of Field Services Joe Stathius, Union Representative Tom Hartle, and Shop Steward Alan Izes. Great job!

UFCW Local 152 proudly represents about twenty members at George’s Market at Dreshertown, a family-owned supermarket in Dresher, Pennsylvania. Our members work in the meat, seafood, and deli departments, providing customers with stellar customer service and products.