Union Rep Hugh Giordano Speaks Against Cannabis Ban at Lacey Township Meeting – 5/13/2021

Hugh Giordano speaking at the 5/13/2021 meeting. Photo from Jersey Shore Online.

Hugh Giordano speaking at the 5/13/2021 meeting. Photo from Jersey Shore Online.


After attending the April 22 meeting when the ordinance to ban all cannabis operations in the township was proposed, Union Representative Hugh Giordano attended the May 13th follow-up meeting to solidify the Local’s stance on the ban. It was later reported on Jersey Shore Online:

 The public had a chance to chime in on what they would like to see happen in town.

Hugh Giordano, representing the United Food & Commercial Workers Union, said cannabis businesses could provide Lacey jobs that offer health benefits and good wages. He said, “these are good paying jobs because they are educated employees. Demonizing these employees is also an attack against labor.” 

Read the full article on the Jersey Shore Online website.

Ultimately, the Committee voted 4-to-1 to ban cannabis. Regardless, UFCW Local 152 will continue to show up to meetings throughout the state to voice support for industries that will provide New Jersey with good jobs and revenue.



UFCW Local 152 is not new to fighting on behalf of the cannabis industry up and down the Garden State.

On a national level, the United Food and Commercial Workers represent workers in both medical and recreational cannabis-related industries. UFCW Local 152 is committed to standing with cannabis workers in our area to not only create good jobs, but also represent them so that their employers pay good wages, good benefits, and fair treatment in a safe work environment. Discover more about the Cannabis Campaign in our area and our efforts to support workers in the industry.

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