Message From The President – Spring 2020

President Brian String addressing a crowd.

As seen in the Unity: Spring 2020 – President’s Report. See past copies of the Unity here.


Front Line Heroes: How do we thank you? Let us count the ways

Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Grazie. Spasiba. Shukran. Xiexie. Dhannvaad. Domo. Todah.

We could say it in all of the 1,717 languages currently spoken on planet Earth and it still wouldn’t express how grateful we are to serve you.

In all of the workplaces we represent — grocery stores, food processing plants, health care offices, rehabilitation facilities and more — the sisters and brothers of UFCW Local 152 demonstrate the finest qualities of America’s workforce.

We’re talking about qualities such as professionalism, responsibility, compassion and courage.

These qualities have been especially evident during the COVID-19 emergency, now well into its third month.

During each shift, you’ve continued to demonstrate your professionalism in the face of unusual and even bizarre circumstances. In spite of it all — frustrated and angry customers and patients, disruptions of supplies, erratic hours, scarcities of personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies, and more — you’ve adhered to the highest standards and best practices in fulfilling your duties.


A united force

You’ve shown up for work with a deeply felt sense of responsibility — to your employer, to your co-workers, and most of all to your spouses and children who rely on you for support, a roof over their heads and food on the table.

You’ve demonstrated compassion for those who haven’t been lucky enough to maintain steady employment during a frightening shutdown of the American economy.  Many of you have delivered food and supplies to a hungry neighbor, volunteered at a food bank, or simply called a lonely friend to deliver a word of kindness.

And you’ve shown courage, a quality you probably didn’t anticipate as a requirement when you signed up for this line of work. You and your co-workers are hailed as “heroes on the front lines” because you put your personal health on the line every day to ensure that others in your community have access to the food, medicine, supplies and care they need.

To this list of qualities, I will add one more: Solidarity.

Solidarity is the spirit that binds you with your co-workers and colleagues through one powerful union, UFCW Local 152.

Through this union, we are a unified force that stands up for your rights, needs and hopes for a better future. Through this union, we advocate for better pay, better health care, better safety standards and better treatment on the job.

Through this union, you are never alone.

Thank you for making it possible.

— President Brian String


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