Message From The President – Fall 2023

President Brian String at the 2023 Shop Steward Seminar.

President Brian String at the 2023 Shop Steward Seminar.

As seen in the Unity: Fall 2023 – President’s Report. See past copies of the Unity here.


Celebrating stewards and planning the future

In this issue of Unity, we highlight the crucial role stewards perform to sustain and grow the strength of our union.

Stewards are the eyes and ears of Local 152 at the workplace. They keep the union leadership informed of important developments and at the same time keep their coworkers informed about their contracts, their benefits, their rights, and more.

Our stewards also serve as examples to their fellow members by being leaders on the job. They embody union activism and often are the first point of contact for members with questions about their collective bargaining agreements.

They know their contracts inside and out so they can answer any question and make the right recommendations for members in need. They combat anti-union propaganda that can quickly spread through the workplace.

For new members, and especially those with no prior history with the Labor Movement, stewards are the key to a new world. They teach young workers about what it means to work under a union contract and how the union can improve their lives. If a new member arrives at the workplace with misconceptions about union dues, they will soon understand after a conversation with a steward that they receive a tenfold return on their investment.

Any steward will tell you stories of how rewarding it is to help a member in need, and how those members often share their appreciation with them many years and job titles later.


Charting a course together

For all of these reasons and more, we will honor our stewards at a Local 152 Steward Seminar this month. Stewards will gather and share experiences, discuss strategies, learn about educational opportunities, and help guide the union forward to meet the challenges we face in 2024 and beyond.

In a time when millions of people of all ages are feeling isolated and fearful of forces beyond their control, unions are the antidote.

We deliver the message that no worker should ever have to struggle alone, and our stewards help bring that peace of mind to members every day.

— President Brian String


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