Message for International Workers Remembrance Day 2020


Dear Member,

Today is International Workers Memorial Day, a day observed around the world to remember workers who were killed or injured at their workplace.

For decades, unions like ours have worked tirelessly to make workplaces safer. The COVID-19 crisis has made it clear that now, more than ever, our fight is far from over.

This year, as you reflect on your fellow union brothers and sisters who are no longer with us, we hope that you will take a private moment to also appreciate your own hard work during this unprecedented time.

Today is an opportunity to not only remember how safe and careful we must continue to be when working but also a chance to reflect on the importance of union members at a time like this. You provide an essential function by feeding and providing for the communities we live and work in. It’s times like this that make the world realize how truly valuable you are in our community.

To those grocery retail, health care, meatpacking, manufacturing, and public sector workers who are both keeping us safe and making sure we have enough food and supplies for our families, thank you. This experience has been both physically and mentally tolling on all of us and our families, and you have made incredible sacrifices over the past few weeks. You are an inspiration and we are proud to be your union.

In Solidarity,
President Brian String
UFCW Local 152


The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) released an update on Workers Memorial Day. According to the UFCW’s internal reports, there have been at least 72 worker deaths and 5,322 workers directly impacted among UFCW members in relation to COVID-19. This covers grocery, retail, pharmacy, meatpacking, and other essential industries and those directly impacted include workers who tested positive for COVID-19, missed work due to self-quarantine, are awaiting test results, or have been hospitalized, and/or are symptomatic.



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The United Food & Commercial Workers Unions thank and salute all of our UFCW members, especially Food Store Workers who keep the food supply chain operative and make daily sacrifices to assure the public they will have food for their family table. Our Food Store Workers are among the heroes holding the moral fiber of this country together during this terrible scourge.

To those fallen, we owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay. Our prayers and best wishes go out for a swift and full recovery for those ill. We extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who we have lost.

We implore our members to continue to work smartly and safely, and please remember you are an inspiration to all who are a part of our great Union.



Vincent J. DeVito President

Richard Abondolo Secretary-Treasurer

Dave Young, International Vice President

Richard Abondolo, President Local 342

Cassandra Berrocal, President Local 3

Max Bruny, President Local 888

Louis M. Carotenuto, President Local 2013

Frank C. DeRiso, President Local 1

Timothy Donoghue, President Local 359

John Durso, President Local 338

Sam Ferraino Jr., President Local 360

Charles N. Hall Jr., President Local 108

Angella Harding, President Local 1S

Robert LaSalle, President Local 312

Stuart Appelbaum, RWDSU President

Dave Mertz, RWDSU Vice President

Robert Newell, President Local 1500

John T. Niccollai, President Local 464A

George Orlando, President Local 1D

Alvin Ramnarain, President Local 1102

Daniel Righetti, President Local 262

Brian String, President Local 152

Harvey Whille, President Local 1262

Tom Wilkinson, President Local 371

Thelma Winston, President Local 670