Cape Regional Physicians Associates Ratify Historic First Contract

Part of the negotiating team for Cape Regional Physicians Associates

We are delighted to announce that on Monday, May 6th, more than 80 Cape Regional Physicians Associates (CRPA) workers, including nurses, medical assistants, receptionists, and clerical workers, took a stand and ratified their first union contract!

Our newest union members are from thirteen offices in Cape May County, New Jersey. CRPA is a multi-specialty healthcare group that includes some of the finest physicians in the area. CRPA is affiliated with the Cape Regional Health System, including Cape Regional Medical Center, which has been a union facility for over 40 years.

This historic moment culminated after more than eighteen months of hard bargaining. Cape Regional Physicians Associates workers voted UFCW Local 152 for representation in September 2022.

Setting The Groundwork

First contracts set the groundwork for all future negotiations. They require a lot of time, effort, and resources to achieve — but they are worth every minute.

With the implementation of the new two-year contract, CRPA workers now have basic protections established. These protections include:

  • a four-step grievance process, which is a formal procedure for employees to raise concerns or complaints about their employer or working conditions;
  • members are no longer “at-will” employees, meaning the employer must have a legitimate reason to terminate;
  • clear and fair job posting and transfer procedures;
  • seniority provisions, recognizing senior members with more time, experience, and dedication to the company;
  • successorship language in the event of a sale/merger to protect the workers;
  • union orientation language so all new employees are permitted to learn about their union membership and the benefits of being a union member.

CRPA members now have their wages and affordable health benefit rates secured in the contract. Additionally, the $3.00/hour “pull pay” rate (their premium pay when they are temporarily moved to another location) is now guaranteed in the contract.

All members will receive an across-the-board wage increase and a one-time $250 ratification bonus. Finally, through hard bargaining, the negotiating committee significantly raised the life insurance rate and increased paid time off for senior employees.


Congratulations to our newest UFCW Local 152 members and the tireless union negotiating committee! Thank you for your hard work and commitment to making CRPA a better place to work. The committee included President Daniel Ross, Jr., Director of Field Services Peggy Kelly, Director of Organizing Mike Thompson, Legal Counsel Tom Karpousis and Mark Belland of O’Brien, Belland, Bushinsky, LLC, and workers Kerry Owens, Teresa Parker, Zina Thompson, and Danielle Burcaw.


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