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Organizing FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When considering forming a union in your workplace, it is important you know the facts about a union. Management may take advantage of your lack of knowledge about the union, therefore you must be equipped with some basic information.

If you have any additional questions please contact our Director of Organizing, Mike Thompson. You can text or call Mike directly at 609-742-6210.

What is the benefit of joining the union?

The right to negotiate a contract that is binding by law. You negotiate over wages, benefits, working conditions, and job security. The proof is indisputable. Unionized workers in our country enjoy wages and benefits 25% higher than non-union workers.

Will the company know who signed a card?

NO. The Union must present the cards to the National Labor Relations Board so an election can be conducted. At no time will the Union or the National Labor Relations Board EVER show the cards to the Company.

Can the union force me to go on strike?

NEVER. You, the union members, have to vote by secret ballot election and 2/3 majority have to vote to go out on strike. 97% of UFCW Local 152 contracts are settled without a strike. Note: The Union cannot force you out on strike. It is against the law.

If the union wins, are you guaranteed that you will retain everything you presently have?

Remember, you are the union. Are you going to negotiate a contract that contains lower wages and benefits? Under Federal Law, you cannot lose any benefits that you presently have for organizing with UFCW Local 152. You negotiate your own contract along with a professional negotiator from the Local Union.

What about fines and assessments?

Never in the history of Local 152 has any member ever been fined or assessed.

What about initiation fees?

If you are presently employed at the facility, you will pay no initiation fee. Only those hired after the signing of the contract will pay an initiation fee.

What about dues?

You pay no dues until you and your co-workers vote to accept your union contract. After you vote to accept your union contract, your Union Dues will only be $9.00 a week. That is a small price to pay when you consider all the benefits of joining the Union.

Can I lose what I presently have without a union?

YES, under state law, you are an employee at will and your employer can change the terms and conditions of your employment at any time.

Will the company find out who voted for the union?

NO. The National Labor Relations Board will conduct a secret ballot election. No one will know how you voted unless you tell them.