Message From The President – Spring 2023

Union Representative Carmine DelVicarrio, President Brian String, and Zallie's store owner

As seen in the Unity: Spring 2023 – President’s Report. See past copies of the Unity here.


Doing our part to support healthcare workers

It’s impossible to overstate our appreciation of healthcare workers.

They improve the lives of ourselves and our loved ones, including the most vulnerable members of society. They do so while risking their own well-being, with the knowledge that their line of work is not a fast track to immense wealth.

Our appreciation has only grown since the pandemic began more than three years ago, especially for the health workers we proudly represent at Local 152. As the risks to their health grew, so did their commitment to helping the world survive and adapt to this new reality.

But while appreciation is important, we can do more. As a strong and united union, we have the power to improve the lives of these workers.

It starts with organizing. We’ve doubled our efforts to organize workers in the healthcare industry, because as our membership grows, so does our strength at the bargaining table.

That strength will enable us to enhance the service we already provide to our members in the healthcare industry, including:

  • Expanded access to PPE
    Local 152 is at the forefront of providing the personal protective equipment these workers need.
  • Wages, benefits, and pensions
    No healthcare worker should have to experience financial insecurity in addition to everything else they are asked to do. A union contract guarantees wages and benefits that reward the hard work they perform, both on the job and in retirement.
  • Other services tailored to their specific needs
    We work with employers to create guidelines for fair and reasonable scheduling, sick leave, grievance procedures, and more that address the needs of the fast-moving healthcare industry.

No quick fixes can erase the challenges healthcare workers face, from exhaustion to emotional distress. But as a union, we can be a part of the solution!


— President Brian String


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