Members at Southgate Health Care Center Ratify New Contract – 3/4/2021


On Thursday, March 4th, UFCW Local 152 members at Southgate Health Care Center in Carneys Point, NJ came together and ratified a strong new union contract!

The agreement provides all members with wage increases every six months for the life of the four-year agreement, totaling a whopping 18% increase by 2025! In an effort to reward longtime members for their skills and service, members hired before 2016 will also receive a longevity bonus. In addition to these economic improvements, members may now choose to participate in voluntary supplemental benefits.

The new contract introduces new vacation time benefits. First, members with at least ten years of service will now earn an extra week of paid vacation! If a vacation request cannot be met for some reason, the Committee bargained to give members the option to cash out their time at the end of the year. Additionally, members can now take a vacation or personal day before a regular holiday and will not be penalized.

New language was established for better clarification of policies regarding the New Jersey Earned Sick Leave; in summary, these policies outline the use of sick time at no penalty to the member.

Last but not least, Shop Stewards at Southgate Health Care Center will now have a designated time to not only introduce themselves to new hires but also to teach them about UFCW Local 152 and the benefits of their union contract. This is an extremely important opportunity for our stewards because most new members have never worked a union position before and do not understand the undeniable benefits of the contract and union representation.

A heartfelt congratulations to our members and the Negotiating Committee! This included Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining Lisa Sanders, Director of Field Services Peggy Kelly, Union Representative Cary Lawson, and Shop Steward Rita Parsons.

UFCW Local 152 proudly represents more than twenty members at Southgate Health Care Center, which is known for its excellence in long-term care and providing round-the-clock nursing, according to the company website.



See photos below of our members voting at the ratification meeting on March 4, 2021.