Members at Bishop McCarthy Center Ratify New Contract – 4/22/2021

Part of the Negotiating Committee at the Bishop McCarthy ratification, 4/22/2021.


On Thursday, April 22nd, UFCW Local 152 members at Bishop McCarthy Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Vineland, NJ came together and ratified a new union contract!


A Strong New Contract

Many improvements were made with the new contract. First, in addition to an updated wage progression scale, all members will receive a ratification bonus of $275! Members who already have at least ten years of service or members who will reach ten years of service at some point during the three-year term will receive an additional $500 longevity bonus to reward their hard work and dedication. The contract also preserves affordable health and welfare for our members; in fact, there will be no increase in the employee cost share percentage for the life of the agreement.

The Negotiating Committee fought to introduce both an attendance incentive bonus and a pandemic bonus for all employees. The pandemic bonus will be available to members who work ten shifts in a pay period during “crisis situations.” Any member who picks up a shift during these crisis situations will receive an extra $50 per shift – on top of any overtime pay! Additionally, if a member works on a “positive” unit during this time, they will receive an additional $3.00 per hour on top of their hourly rate. Wow!

The newly ratified contract also introduces the creation of the Preceptor Program, a training program available to all union departments. Best of all, the person assigned as Preceptor will be paid an extra $1.00 per hour for this on-the-job training.

Shop Stewards and Union Representatives will now be able to formally meet new hires at orientation! This is important because many new members have never worked in a union position before, and therefore do not understand the undeniable benefits of their contract and union representation. This is a wonderful opportunity!


Negotiating Committee

Congratulations to our members and the Negotiating Committee! This included Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Union Representative Pete White, Shop Stewards Sonia Ribot and Ramonita Figueroa, and Committee members Catherine Kalipets and Sean Allen. Great job by all!

UFCW Local 152 represents about one hundred workers at Bishop McCarthy Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. Our members work in housekeeping, maintenance, activities, and more at the Catholic faith care center in Cumberland County, NJ.