Local 152 Staff Quoted In Van Ness Feldman’s “Native Affairs Quarterly” – Spring 2021

A woman holding a cannabis leaf.


UFCW Local 152 Union Representative Hugh Giordano was recently quoted in Van Ness Feldman‘s Spring 2021 edition of Native Affairs Quarterly, a quarterly magazine the law firm describes as “a forum to discuss a range of legal and policy developments of interest to our clients, colleagues, and friends across Indian Country.” This particular mention appears on page 6 under the title, “Tribes and Cannabis.”

While we highly recommend reading the Spring 2021 edition of Native Affairs Quarterly in its entirety, here is a snippet:

Tribes can also consider exploring opportunities to partner with labor unions. Such partnerships can offer benefits to Tribes, such as providing cannabis business training and education to Tribal members and helping Tribes better advocate for themselves within the broader cannabis industry.

For example, Hugh Giordano, union representative for the Food and Commercial Workers’ Union (UFCW) Local 152, is assisting with the creation of a cutting-edge national cannabis apprenticeship program that could potentially aid Tribes with educating and training employees. Mr. Giordano believes that “tribal sovereignty in the cannabis industry is a social equity issue,” and that labor unions can be important allies for Tribes entering the cannabis industry.

As a team, labor unions and Tribes can better advocate for proper involvement of Tribes and proper treatment of employees in the cannabis space. Tribes can also work with labor unions to build a coalition to assist with advocating for Tribal cannabis issues at state and federal hearings.

As Mr. Giordano explains, “The UFCW is proud to have a working coalition which advocates for People of Color, Women, Immigrants, LGBTQ, and Veterans within Cannabis. The UFCW would more than welcome the Native American community into these important conversations . . . their voice deserves to be heard.”

As a labor union, we feel honored to be recognized by Van Ness Feldman. Thank you for your support and recognition!



On a national level, the United Food and Commercial Workers represent workers in both medical and recreational cannabis-related industries. UFCW Local 152 is committed to standing with cannabis workers in our area to not only create good jobs, but to also represent them so that their employers pay good wages, good benefits, and fair treatment in a safe work environment. Discover more about the Cannabis Campaign in our area and our efforts to support workers in the industry.

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