Brown’s Fresh Grocer Workers Unanimously Ratify New Union Contract – 2/2/2022

Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining Lisa Sanders with Local 152 member English as he casts his vote on 2/2/2022.


On Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, nearly 60 members who work at the Brown’s-owned Fresh Grocer ratified a new union contract! The two stores are located on Monument Road in Philadelphia, PA and Wyncote, PA.

New Agreement

The new agreement introduces wage increases for all employees, including a great improvement to the progression scale and retroactive increases.

The Employer agreed to increase contributions to maintain the cost of health benefits, a monumental victory as the cost of healthcare escalates. In addition, Local 152 was able to negotiate much higher employer contributions to the Local 152 Savings Plan for full-time members. Finally, eligible employees will now have the opportunity to voluntarily contribute a portion of their wages to the UFCW Local 152 Savings Plan, helping solidify a more comfortable retirement.

Members at these Brown’s-owned Fresh Grocer stores can now elect to schedule their earned vacation in single days instead of weekly blocks and will be paid higher premiums on holidays and Sundays based on their length of service.

With the new contract, the Shop Steward at each store is entitled to up to three paid days per year to attend Local 152 steward conferences or other union training. This agreement also gives new members an opportunity to meet their Union Representative or Shop Steward during orientation, where they can be properly introduced to UFCW Local 152. Since many new members have never worked union positions before, an orientation such as this is critically important to teach new workers about the union difference. New members will learn about their collective bargaining agreement, the benefits of their contract, what union representation means, and of course the many benefits and discounts available as a union member.

Congratulations to our members!

UFCW Local 152 represents workers at these two Brown’s-owned Fresh Grocer stores in Wyncote, PA and Monument Road in Philadelphia, PA. Our members work in the meat, seafood, and deli departments.


Many members attended the ratification on February 2nd. Below are some of them casting their vote and learning about the new contract.