On February 17, your coworker Julie was fired. Although Brookdale denies it, UFCW Local 152 believes she was fired unjustly for union activity.

Here are the facts:

  • Julie had a clean record with no prior incidents or discipline on record!
  • Julie was a hardworking Lead LPN and had worked at Brookdale for nearly a decade!
  • Julie worked through the entire COVID-19 pandemic, often short-staffed and overworked, and still provided amazing care!

…so then why did they fire her?

Julie wanted to form a union at Brookdale Echelon Lake.

One week later, on Thursday, February 24th, UFCW Local 152 filed formal charges against Brookdale Echelon Lake. We are DEMANDING #JusticeForJulie!

#JusticeForJulie flyer

Wanting to form a union in the workplace will help you work towards a better life.

In a union, you have everything in writing:

  • when you will get a raise and how much it will be,
  • your benefits,
  • your schedule,
  • safety concerns,
  • and they no longer can discipline you without just cause — it’s all spelled out.

Right now, WITHOUT a union contract, Brookdale can change anything they want at any time.

Brookdale can fire you for any reason.
Brookdale can change your pay rate.
Brookdale can take away your benefits.

The truth is:

Brookdale is afraid of YOU coming together, forming a union, and taking that power away from them. That’s why they fired Julie: to make an example out of her.

The management at Brookdale Echelon Lake are SCARED of you taking control of your job — and they’re trying to scare YOU!

Are you ready to stand up to the people who don’t care how hard you work?

Are you ready to stand up to the people trying to intimidate and scare you?

Are you ready to have a say in the workplace and continue what Julie started?