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Unions begin with YOU!

UFCW Local 152 represents nineteen healthcare facilities in New Jersey. This includes nursing homes, assisted living centers, CCRCs, outpatient offices, and one hospital. Our healthcare members consist of not only RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, but housekeeping, dietary, and maintenance workers as well!

As union members, these workers have their wages and benefits guaranteed in writing through their union contracts and have a voice in how their facilities and hospitals are run.

Starting a union with UFCW Local 152 allows you and your coworkers to build a better workplace and a better healthcare system – one where your work has value and you have the resources you need to treat and care for your patients.

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If you prefer to contact us directly, you can always contact the Director of Organizing Mike Thompson. You can text or call Mike directly at 609-742-6210.

You’re In Good Hands

Some of the healthcare facilities UFCW Local 152 proudly represents include:

The Benefits of a Union Contract

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Better Wages

Union membership offers you the opportunity to secure better wages and improved financial stability. Through collective bargaining, we work tirelessly to ensure that our members receive competitive and fair compensation. Many of our union contracts include provisions for regular pay raises, enabling you to not only maintain your income’s purchasing power but also enhance it over time.

Higher Safety Standards

For healthcare workers, safety isn’t just a priority: it’s an absolute necessity. Through collective bargaining, we work to establish and uphold stringent safety protocols, making sure that both healthcare professionals and the patients they care for are protected. By being part of our union, you actively contribute to a safer work environment, where you can focus on delivering quality care with peace of mind.

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Seniority Matters

Your seniority matters because it reflects the years of time and dedication you’ve invested in your workplace. It’s a symbol of your commitment and loyalty, and it’s only fair that you receive the recognition and benefits you’ve earned. Join us, and let’s make sure your seniority is truly appreciated and rewarded.

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Having a Voice in Scheduling

Join our union for a stronger voice in scheduling. We champion fair, predictable schedules to reduce stress and overtime. Your input counts, ensuring work-hour decisions respect your work-life balance.

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Retirement Benefits

Planning for the future is a top priority, which is why we are dedicated to securing robust retirement savings benefits for our members. Through collective bargaining, we ensure competitive pension plans and consistent employer contributions. With a union contract, your years of dedication are recognized and rewarded, paving the way for a worry-free retirement.

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Job Security & Grievance Procedures

You should never have to worry about whether or not you’ll still have a job next week. With a union contract, there are protections and grievance procedures set in place so that your boss can’t fire or discipline you unfairly.

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No Favoritism

There’s no room for favoritism in a union. We believe ALL workers deserve equal and fair treatment when it comes to pay, promotions, schedules, and more.