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The Botanist United

UFCW Local 152 has created this page to keep workers at The Botanist in Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township informed about the progress of the union campaign.

Weingarten Rights

In a 1975 United States Supreme Court decision, NLRB v. Weingarten, Inc, it was decided that you have the right to representation during conversations with management or security which may lead to discipline or involves an investigation. You can learn more about your Weingarten Rights on the National Labor Relations Board website.

You must demand union representation. This right is not automatic. Here is a sample of what you should say:

“If this discussion or meeting could in any way be related to my being disciplined, terminated, or affect any of my personal working conditions, I exercise my federal rights and hereby request that my union representative or shop steward be present. Without representation, I choose not to participate in this discussion or meeting.”

  • If you are denied this right, stay in the room but remain silent.
  • DO NOT make any written or verbal statement of guilt or innocence. Making NO statement is the most appropriate action.
  • If you waive this right, understand that any statement you make can be used against you.

Monthly Meetings

Join us for a monthly Zoom meeting every third Wednesday of the month, where we have an open discussion on various topics.

The next monthly meeting will be held on April 19th at 8:00pm.

Need meeting information? Text Pete at 609-458-5970.


Negotiations Update

April 19, 2023

Your Union committee continues to bargain hard with The Botanist. This has been quite the process. We cannot stress enough that it takes time, effort, and resources to bargain good first contracts. 

Your committee completed the daunting task of securing protective language and is now hyper-focused on getting competitive rates of pay and good, sustainable raises throughout the contract. Holiday, PTO, and health benefits are also on the table!

Continue to remain strong and united! #UNIONSTRONG

Upcoming Negotiations

May 8, 2023

May 18, 2023

How Negotiations Work

A union contract is a written agreement between the employer and the employees that details the terms and benefits in a clear and legally-binding way. Having a union contract means knowing not only exactly what is expected of you at work, but what you can expect from your employer in return. Unionizing takes the guessing and luck out of the equation.

The process of negotiating a first contract looks different for every company, but generally, they all follow the same basic pattern. Right now, Botanist workers are at Step 4!

Step 1

You and your coworkers come together and decide what you want to discuss with your employer. What details do you want in writing? What do you care most about?

Some topics that typically get brought up include:

  • Wages
  • Healthcare
  • Retirement
  • Hours and Scheduling
  • Paid time off and Holidays
  • Working conditions
  • Seniority and advancement
Step 2

A Negotiating Committee is selected. A small group of diverse workers from different shifts and/or departments is chosen to represent the workforce at The Botanist. These workers, partnered with representatives from UFCW Local 152, speak on the wants and needs on behalf of the rest of the workers.

At UFCW Local 152, the representatives include Director of Collective Bargaining Daniel Ross, Director of Organizing Mike Thompson, Union Representatives Peter White, Matte Kane, Bryan String, and Ernest Dunmore, as well as labor lawyers, communications staff, and more!

Step 3

Meeting dates, which may be referred to as “negotiations” or “bargaining sessions” are scheduled.

At these meetings, the two teams – the union team consisting of workers from The Botanist and representatives from UFCW Local 152, and the other representing The Botanist – will come together to discuss the topics the workers have selected.

There may be many bargaining sessions scheduled over the course of several months.

Step 4

Bargaining ensues. This is where you are now.

In bargaining meetings, both sides hear each other’s ideas in a formal setting.

During this time, both teams go back and forth on terms of what is discussed and the language in the contract.

Step 5

The tentative agreement is brought to the workers at a ratification meeting.

After both teams are satisfied with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement (or CBA, also known as the contract), the agreement is brought in front of the workers at The Botanist at what is known as a ratification meeting.

At the ratification meeting, which will be held in person at a convenient time and location, a union representative will go over all of the terms of the contract in detail. At the conclusion of the meeting, all workers will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed contract.

Step 6

Workers vote to accept or reject the proposed contract.

If the majority of your bargaining unit votes yes to accept the contract, it goes into effect.

If the majority of your bargaining unit votes no and rejects the contract, the bargaining committee and the company will typically restart negotiations and continue trying to work out a solution that both sides can agree on.

Contact Us

We know this process can be confusing. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the staff at UFCW Local 152 if you have any questions! We are here to guide you. Fill out the form below or text/call Union Representative Peter White at 609-458-5970 anytime.