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Larry Lucente

Larry Lucente

VP/Director of Collective Bargaining

Larry’s union journey began in July, 1977, as a meat wrapper at Food Lane in Clinton, New Jersey. Here, he was a member of Local 464A before he transferred to Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1981 and became an Apprentice Meatcutter, traveling to multiple stores to learn the trade. Two years later, as a Journeyman, Larry became involved in UFCW Local 195’s (which eventually became Local 152) contract negotiations and was ultimately appointed shop steward for the Allentown district of Food Lane, where he was voted on the negotiating committee to represent the members. In the spring of 1995, Larry became a member of the Executive Board, and in 1997 he became a Union Representative for Local 56, where he also became a trustee of the Local 56 Pension Fund.

Today, Larry Lucente serves as our Director of Collective Bargaining, negotiating contracts on behalf of our members with a negotiating committee. He has also served as a Union Representative, representing members all over the tri-state area. Larry also serves as a member of the Local 152 Executive Board, and as a trustee of the Local 152 Health and Welfare Fund. His goal is to service the members of this Local, attempting to get them the best contracts possible along with the job security they need. The one thing

Larry makes it his mission to get everyone involved in the negotiating process. He is very passionate about his job and believes everyone should be on their negotiating committee at least once.


Email: llucente@ufcwlocal152.org

Office Phone: 888-564-6152 ext. 3906

Cell Phone: 856-673-6520

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