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Edna Inge

Edna Inge

Retired Union Representative

Edna Inge’s union journey began in 1978 in the meat department at Acme Markets in Browns Mills, New Jersey. After six years of part-time work, she was given a full-time position as the Seafood/Deli Manager. In this position, she was able to travel to new stores and train deli workers in correct deli procedures. She was elected shop steward of her store for six years before becoming part of the staff of Local 152 in 2005 as a Special Projects Union Representative (S.P.U.R.).

Today, Edna has been a union member for over 41 years. She is a Union Representative for retail stores and healthcare facilities in southern New Jersey. Edna is bilingual and can fluently speak German. She is part of the Women’s Network and also serves on UFCW Local 152’s Executive Board, helping make fundamental decisions on behalf of the local.

Edna retired from UFCW Local 152 in January 2022.

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