200 Workers at Uptown Bakeries Ratify New Union Contract – 2/16/2022

Part of the Negotiating Committee for Uptown Bakeries 2022.


Members voting at the ratification meeting on 2/16/22.

Members voting at the ratification meeting.

On Wednesday, February 16th, 2022, more than 200 members at Uptown Bakeries in Bridgeport, New Jersey ratified a new union contract!

With the newly ratified four-year agreement, all members will receive immediate across-the-board wage increases in addition to increases annually for the life of the contract. In addition, not only were the shift differential and Safety Committee rates both raised, but members will now be paid double-time for all holidays worked!

Language was established to expand funeral leave and increased paid sick days for all members.

Shop Stewards will now have the opportunity to take two paid days per year to attend Local 152 steward training conferences or help the union in other areas.

This agreement sets a designated time for new members to meet their Union Representative and/or Shop Steward, where they can be properly introduced to UFCW Local 152 and the union difference. Since many new members have never worked union positions before, an orientation such as this is important to teach new workers about their collective bargaining agreement, the benefits of their contract, what union representation means, and of course the many benefits and discounts available as a union member.

Part of the Negotiating Committee for Uptown Bakeries. From left to right: Titsy Miranda, Kahran Fowlkes, Jerimie Glover, and Union Representative Jose Echevarria.

Finally, members will now have the opportunity to opt-in to contribute to the Bryan D. Ross Foundation, UFCW Local 152’s charity organization that directly assists Local 152 members suffering from financial hardship due to catastrophic illness or injury.

Congratulations to our many members and the Negotiating Committee, which included Director of Collective Bargaining Dan Ross, Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining Lisa Sanders, Union Representative Jose Echevarria, Shop Stewards Jerimie Glover and Titsy Miranda, and Committee Member Kahran Fowlkes. Great job!

UFCW Local 152 represents the workers at Uptown Bakeries, a company owned by J&J Snack Foods. Uptown Bakeries is best known for producing baked goods such as Wawa donuts, muffins, cookies, and pretzels.


Below are additional photos from the ratification meeting on February 16th.