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UFCW Introduces Telemedicine Program

A father calling a doctor while caring for his son.


Great news, members! UFCW Local 152 is introducing a brand new Telemedicine Program for all members who utilize our medical benefits!

The Telemedicine and Teletherapy programs are now live and available to members who have medical coverage and their eligible dependents through the UFCW Local 152 Health and Welfare Fund, UFCW Tri-State Health and Welfare Fund and the UFCW Health and Welfare Fund. As a reminder, there is no copay (zero) when these services are used.

Telemedicine: Provides on-demand, 24/7 access to voice or video calls with state-licensed healthcare providers. Private and discreet, the service is accessible anytime you or your eligible dependents need medical treatment or advice. In addition to diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses and injuries, you can have them review lab tests, provide a second opinion and, where permitted by law, issue prescriptions.

Teletherapy: The behavioral health Teletherapy service makes it super easy to receive therapy from the privacy and comfort of your own home. All therapists are licensed professionals who can provide care for many of the most common health concerns including stress,
anxiety, addiction, parenting, performance coaching, relationships, ADHD, eating disorders, grief, loss and many other conditions.


Getting Started

To get started using this benefit, please review the Welcome Letters. Please note that each Fund has a different phone number and a different validation code that is used when accessing the services online, so it is imperative that you choose the correct Fund.

UFCW Tri-State Health and Welfare Fund

UFCW Local 152 Health and Welfare Fund

UFCW Health and Welfare Fund


If you have any questions regarding the programs, are unsure whether you are eligible for these programs, or are unsure which Fund you belong to, please contact the Health and Welfare Office at 800-555-4959.