Trenton event
UFCW Local 152 at a pro-cannabis event in Trenton, NJ
Hugh at GSD
UFCW Local 152 Representative
Hugh Giordano at Garden State Dispensary
UFCW cannabis members and staff
UFCW cannabis members with Local 152 staff
UFCW cannabis members and staff - copy
Hugh Giordano at the Toms River, NJ City Council meeting
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Are you a business owner interested in signing a Labor Peace Agreement with UFCW Local 152?

Great, we are excited to work with you!

Read more about our commitment to the industry on this page, take a look at some of our blog posts, and when you’re ready to sign a Labor Peace Agreement or learn more, contact Mike Thompson right now by calling him directly at 609-742-6210 or by email mthompson@ufcwlocal152.org.

Cannabis Campaign

On a national level, UFCW represents tens of thousands of cannabis workers across multiple states. UFCW members in the legal cannabis industry work in growing and cultivating facilities, manufacturing and processing facilities, and also in laboratories and dispensaries.

The legal cannabis industry is a newly regulated market that can offer local communities jobs with strong wages and benefits that can’t be outsourced. UFCW offers cannabis workers and business owners, along with patients and coalition allies, the opportunity to work together to accomplish shared goals. By crafting and supporting targeted legislative efforts, along with negotiating the best contracts for workers, we’ve been able to set high standards throughout the industry.

Wherever cannabis is legalized, the UFCW is committed to building a successful industry with a thriving, diverse, and skilled workforce. Jobs that pay better wages and provide better benefits—like the ones we represent—are vital to keeping our economy afloat and families out of poverty.

Within UFCW Local 152’s jurisdiction (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland) medical cannabis is legal, but recreational cannabis is not.

If you know anyone who works in the cannabis industry that is interested in joining our union please contact Mike Thompson at mthompson@ufcwlocal152.org or fill out our completely confidential Union Interest Form.

Local Updates

The people of New Jersey voted on the New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Amendment as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 3, 2020.

More than 67% of the state voted YES to support the amendment. This is the first step to legalize the possession and use of marijuana for persons aged 21 and older and legalize the cultivation, processing, and sale of retail marijuana.

There are currently eleven operating medical cannabis dispensaries in the state of New Jersey (blotted in red on the picture). Of these eleven, only Garden State Dispensary is unionized. GSD currently has treatment centers in Woodbridge and Union, NJ.

In January 2021, workers at Verano NJ in Elizabeth, NJ voted to become UFCW members. If they can do it, so can you! Learn more about UFCW by filling out a Union Interest Form.

Medical cannabis continues to rise at a rate of about 100 patients per day, with the biggest growth taking place in the 65-and-older community.

As of mid-March 2019, the estimated total patients were estimated to be 42,500. As of May 2020, the estimated total patients had increased to 77,000. That’s a 55% increase in a little more than a year! (Source: NJ.gov)

Alternative Treatment Centers in New Jersey

Building Cannabis Careers

1 – Value

The UFCW seeks to establish a professional livelihood for all our members.

We have a long and proud history of advocacy for workers, their families and the communities they serve in other highly regulated sectors, such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, distillery manufacturing and meat processing.

Through our apprenticeship and safety and health programs, the UFCW works with regulators to ensure high quality products and safe workplaces.

Professionalizing the cannabis industry can offer local communities jobs with strong wages, benefits, and career development opportunities. Across America, communities are benefiting from a thriving cannabis economy. In many of those states, cannabis workers are building professional
careers with the UFCW.

2 – Respect

We’re also building respect for our profession with state and local governments. Together we stand up for:

  • Supporting good employers that provide good jobs through smart zoning and licensing rules
  • Recognition and training for professionalism,
    including jointly-managed apprenticeship training
  • Worker-first rules that
    protect the safety and security of cannabis
    workers, while ensuring accountability in the sale
    of a controlled substance
  • Promoting workplace and
    ownership diversity
  • Encouraging employer collaborations, highlighting the best practices in the industry.
3 – Union Family

Sound like a team you want to be on? We’d love to have you join our union family. Fill out our confidential Union Interest Form and someone will contact you shortly.

Medical cannabis

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