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Gerald Chudoff

Gerald Chudoff

Union Representative

Gerald Chudoff began his career in the union in 1986 at Shop N’ Bag. He also worked at Super G and Stop & Shop; additionally, he was elected shop steward at all three locations. Jerry joined the staff at Local 152 at its formation in 2006 as a Union Representative. He also is a graduate of the Labor Program offered at Rutgers University, which he attended while he was employed at Local 152.

Jerry’s work has been instrumental in Local 152’s implementation of anti-Walmart campaigns and strategies. Currently he serves as a Union Representative for various retail stores and manufacturing plants in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.


Email: jchudoff@ufcwlocal152.org

Office Phone: 888-564-6152 ext. 3911

Cell Phone: 609-680-6607

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