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How Local 152 Represents You

Local 152 Retail Division

Local 152 represents major retail grocery chains such as Acme, Superfresh, Pathmark and Shoprite as well as independently owned grocery stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. You will find our members in the service meat, deli, seafood and bakery departments. In most of southeast New Jersey Local 152 members are all throughout the store as in this area we represent the full store. Local 152 is there to represent the members, defend their rights as defined in their Collective Bargaining Agreement and to provide a voice in the workplace

Local 152 Manufacturing Division

Local 152 represents a number of manufacturing companies in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You will find many of our member's products that they produce in your households. Local 152 members process meat products, vegetables and dry goods from coffee to Jell-O for companies such as Berks, Dietz & Watson, Goya Foods, Hanover Foods, Kraft Foods, Kunzler, and Melitta. Our members are the production workers, maintenance and warehouse workers in most of these facilities. Local 152 is there to represent the members, defend their rights as defined in their Collective Bargaining Agreement and provide a voice in the work place.

Local 152 Healthcare Division

Local 152 represents twelve health care facilities in New Jersey. Most of these facilities are nursing homes with the exception of Cape Regional Hospital in Cape May Courthouse and Bacharach Rehabilitation Center in Galloway Township. Our health care members not only consist of RN's, LPN's and CNA's but housekeeping, dietary and maintenance as well. As union members these workers have their wages and benefits guaranteed in writing through their union contract and they have a voice pertaining to other issues that plague the industry.

The Seafood Center of Philadelphia

Local 152 represents the Seafood Center in Philadelphia which is considered one of the two major hubs of distribution of seafood on the East Coast. (The other being in New York.) The Seafood Center is responsible for receiving product from various locations in the United States, South America, Europe and Asia and distributing it throughout our area. We commend our members and the owners for keeping this industry strong throughout the years.

Local 152 and Government Politics

In addition to looking out for you in the workplace, UFCW Local 152 is committed to using our strength to make a better standard of living for all workers in the Northeast and across the country. This is accomplished through involvement in legislation and elections on the local, state and national levels.

Members often ask: 'why is the union involved in politics?' Our support for laws and candidates that will improve the lives of working people is in keeping with the labor movement's longstanding history as a progressive force. The eight-hour workday, overtime pay, pensions, holidays and sick leave are just a few of the successes that have been achieved through labor's involvement in the political process.

However, as vigorously as we defend your rights in the workplace, many of the protections we take for granted today can be erased with the stroke of a pen. Powerful anti-worker lobbying groups and greedy corporations are relentless in their attempts to weaken the laws protecting workers.

With the support of our members, we will continue to support pro-worker legislation and candidates who are dedicated to strengthening the bargaining power of the working class.

The Collective Bargaining Department

The Collective Bargaining Department, headed up by expert negotiator Michael McWilliams, works to protect and improve the jobs and wages of Local 152's membership.

Over nearly a decade of radically shifting economic, political, and industry conditions, Local 152 has upheld affordable health care and real pensions for our members, a testament to the strength and solidarity of the membership.

At every step in the bargaining process, Local 152 is prepared to proactively anticipate problems and has constructive solutions ready to define how issues are approached at the negotiating table. Forged through preparation and comprehensive bargaining coordination, the wages and benefits won in our contracts offer powerful incentives for workers to organize for a voice on the job with our Local.

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News & Announcements

June 2016
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Your Union Rights

The National Labor Relations Act, Section 7 gives you the following rights and these rights are protected by the Federal Government:

  • Help form or join a union.
  • Have small group meetings at lunch time or break time as long as you are not creating a disturbance or ...

Charity and Organizations

UFCW Local 152 supports charities in the Tri-State area throughout the year. Beneficiaries of the union's Annual Golf Tournament include The Bryan D. Ross Foundation, The Leukemia Society of America, The Atlantic City Rescue Mission and others.