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Organizing Membership Incentive Program

Would you like to earn some extra cash?

One of the most difficult aspects of organizing new members is actually finding people who are interested in joining a union. Most of the time people are interested but do not know how to begin the process or do not know who to contact.

We believe our existing membership is a great resource for developing organizing leads. We all have friends and relatives that work non-union jobs and at some point some of them have expressed to us how much they do not like their job. For some it is the rising cost of their benefits. Others feel they are not paid what they are worth. Almost all of them do not like their boss. Whatever the reason, the solution is simple. THEY NEED A UNION!

You have the perfect opportunity to help a friend or relative gain a VOICE in their workplace. Remember, Local 152 does not just represent grocery stores. We represent manufacturing plants, health care facilities, public sector employees and much more!

Provide an organizing lead to Local 152 that results in a union election and you have the opportunity to earn $500.00. Some involvement will be required. In any organizing campaign it is important that the people who are organizing not only hear from the staff but from actual members as well.

For additional information, please contact Chad Brooks, Director of Organizing at (888) 564-6152.

Download our organizing membership incentive program flier to spread the word!

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Your Union Rights

The National Labor Relations Act, Section 7 gives you the following rights and these rights are protected by the Federal Government:

  • Help form or join a union.
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Charity and Organizations

UFCW Local 152 supports charities in the Tri-State area throughout the year. Beneficiaries of the union's Annual Golf Tournament include The Bryan D. Ross Foundation, The Leukemia Society of America, The Atlantic City Rescue Mission and others.