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Organizing 101: The Election Process


YOU have the right to join a union...





Signing Cards

We must prove to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that there is sufficient interest among the employees to have an election. The Board requires that at least 30 percent of the employees sign "Representation Cards" before it will begin the election process.

Please Note:

Signing a card does NOT make you a member! Signing a card does NOT mean you pay dues! These cards are NOT seen by your Employer!

File Petition:

When a majority of employees have signed cards, we will file a petition with the NLRB requesting that it take steps to conduct a secret ballot election to be held in your workplace. When we file the petition, we will specify which groups of employees we feel should be included in the vote.

NLRB Hearing

If your Employer does not agree with the "unit" we have requested, it may ask that the Board conduct a hearing and determine which employees would be allowed to vote in the election.


The NLRB will conduct a secret ballot election in your workplace. Management is not allowed near the voting area and you do not put your name on the ballot. When the election is over, the Board will count the ballots. If the union has received a majority of the votes, your Employer will be required by law to bargain a contract in good faith.


Each employee will have the opportunity to contribute ideas for the contract. Your voice will decide which issues should be addressed (wages, benefits, pension, dignity & respect, etc.).


Some of your fellow employees will serve on the Negotiating Committee and sit at the bargaining table with the UnionÂ’s professional negotiator. You will be taking an active part in the bargaining process.

Vote on Contract

When the contract has been negotiated, YOU will vote whether to accept it or not. Only after you have voted to accept a contract will you become a union member.


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Your Union Rights

The National Labor Relations Act, Section 7 gives you the following rights and these rights are protected by the Federal Government:

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Charity and Organizations

UFCW Local 152 supports charities in the Tri-State area throughout the year. Beneficiaries of the union's Annual Golf Tournament include The Bryan D. Ross Foundation, The Leukemia Society of America, The Atlantic City Rescue Mission and others.